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Electric scooters are currently illegal to ride on the public highway and pavements in the UK.  They should only be used on private land and with the permission of the land owner.  In saying that, we believe they will be made legal in the near future, albeit with some regulations such as minimum age and/or the need to wear safety equipment etc.

Please read
this article before proceeding to purchase a scooter. 

Once they become legal we will be able to add them to the Cycle to Work Scheme but until then we have negotiated some great deals.  We have selected four scooters which we think are the best in class and range from the basic, through to long range. 

Due to the popularity of these scooters please allow 10 days from the date of purchase for delivery.  If, after you have ordered a scooter there is no stock or a delay then you will get a full refund or the option to wait for new stock.  Prices below include VAT and delivery within the UK

Click here to see Specification comparison chart

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